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Are you getting the most out of your social media channels? Surfr can produce creative, engaging content to increase your online presence and promote your brand.

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Surfr produce creative, branded content and viral marketing concepts to increase engagement, interaction and audience.

Surfr were the creative force behind Is This Paranormal. With the use of unique, creative content and social media engagement techniques; in 12 months we developed the brand on Facebook, taking it from zero to more than one million likes with a peak of over 10 million weekly reach. The videos we produced for Is This Paranormal have had over 125 million views and we managed all aspects of the social media including enquiries, complaints, interaction and response.

We can work with you to create a viral campaign to increase the exposure of your business or organisation.

I Want reached out to Surfr to create a viral marketing campaign to give the brand more exposure. The campaign centred on the video below. It began with us going to their office in Manchester during working hours to install some fake CCTV cameras – getting the attention of the unknowing employees (our base audience). We filmed the footage out of office hours and left the aftermath for the staff to discover in the morning; the stage was set. We added some paranormal activity in post-production and the edited footage was played back to the I Want workforce. The video went viral and in addition to the millions of views it has also appeared on a number of television shows across the globe and featured in national press – with I Want branding prominently featured.

Make your Instagram account stand out from the competition.

Instagram is a fantastic place to showcase your product, service or brand. It enables you to generate sales, increase your audience and drive traffic to your website. We can help your Instagram account stand out from the competition with eye catching, memorable content that communicates the correct message to your audience and potential customers.

Here is an example of how a puzzle grid design works for an Instagram account. Each post works individually on the news feed but also collectively on the profile. Surfr can produce creative, branded content that gives your profile it’s own style and personality.

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